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October 2011 | Discipline Shouldn’t Hurt: Important Considerations for Learning

October 1st, 2011|

[highlight-yellow]They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel –Carl W. Buechner[/highlight-yellow] When things are generally going well in work and/or life, we rarely hear about the word Discipline. It often surfaces at times that are not so positi [...]

September 2011 | Hope: And Some Practical Things for Holding onto Your Children

September 1st, 2011|

I would like to thank Mary and Michelle, who are among the hundreds of parents that have shared their stories with me. I am honored and grateful that they have allowed me to share pieces of their stories with you. They are stories of parent-teen relationship recovery and resilience; s [...]

August 2011 | Teens & Therapy: Important Considerations

August 1st, 2011|

We at Getting to Better promote respectful, caring responsive and supportive relationships through family and community as foundational to the development and overall well being of children and youth. During the adolescent phase, the road to adulthood can be fraught with many challeng [...]

July 2011 | 3 Simple Ways: You Can Make the World Better

July 1st, 2011|

Mother Theresa of Calcutta once said, "There is more hunger for love and appreciation in the world than there is for bread". This was and still is quite profound as we often hear of the numbers of people in the world that are starving for food. Going without appreciation or love is a [...]

May 2011 | What Matters Most: An Interview with Dr. Jean Clinton on the Best Chance for Our Kids

May 1st, 2011|

Every parent experiences moments or periods of time where they wonder; do I matter? Can I, am I or did I make a positive difference in the life or lives of my children. You may not know just how important you really are! PARENTS MATTER MOST! Parents have the greatest potential to posi [...]

April 2011 | Remembering David: Reflections on a Journey to Better

April 1st, 2011|

David How do you embellish something or someone that cannot be exaggerated? How do you describe a rainbow to someone who cannot see nor has a reference point for colour? That's how I feel when I try to tell others about David John De Groot – never mind trying to state what he meant to [...]

March 2011 | Becoming Approachable: A Path to Open and Effortless Communication

March 1st, 2011|

[highlight-yellow] "I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself" ~Aldous Huxley [/highlight-yellow] In my travels, I talk with numerous people who are frustrated, concerned, saddened or dissatisfied with some or many of the [...]

February 2011 | Reconsidering Respect: A Thought for Enhancing Relationships

February 1st, 2011|

I cannot count how often I hear, read or talk about the word "Respect" in life. So often I experience an incongruence or disconnect between what I consider to be respect/respectful and what I am actually witnessing or experiencing in my interactions as I work or talk with people, cons [...]

January 2011 | People Makers: Developing Resiliency in Our Children & Youth

January 1st, 2011|

If you are a parent or caregiver of children/youth, then I’m guessing like most of the thousands of people I have met, you want the absolute best for those you are caring for. Most of us want our young ones to grow up to be happy, healthy, responsible, respectful, independent, product [...]

December 2010 | Finding the Right One: Finding a Therapist for You

December 1st, 2010|

Deciding to start the therapeutic process is a very big step. Therapy can be challenging, scary, overwhelming at times...but it can also be one of the greatest life changing steps that one can take. Once you have decided that you want to start this process the next big question is whe [...]