Getting to Better™ in 2013

Hello Everyone!

Well, after some time off the grid the Getting to Better™ (G2B) Newsletter is back, to uphold the simple Vision and Mission; make the lives of as many people and the world overall, BETTER.

Unlike the G2B Newsletters of the past (Archived) which took a singular focus on important topics, the new Newsletter has been renegotiated to reach out and help more people. Every month the Newsletter will attempt to support, educate and even inspire people who care for and/or help (informally/formally) children and youth. The Newsletter will also attempt to support Leaders who are responsible for helping/caring for those people that are supporting children and youth. This focus arises from the notion that, if we want children to be BETTER, we need for those people who care for them to be BETTER also.

What is MYRIAD and how is it Linked to Getting to Better™

Before I can speak to the ambitious mission of reaching caregivers and the leaders of formal helpers of children/youth I must distinguish between MYRIAD and Getting to Better™ . MYRIAD Consultation and Counselling is the professional organization, owned and operated by yours truly, Steve de Groot and Getting to Better™ is the charity arm of that organization.

Last year we discovered the hard way that, to do more charity work it is imperative that we have money to do it; an interesting paradox. Therefore, it was time to put more effort into developing MYRIAD to help sustain the important work of G2B™. The journey to develop G2B™ as a non-profit organization has been put on hold and until then, will remain the Charity Arm of MYRIAD. We plan to continue to offer many free events, services and initiatives as possible. You will be able to check out some of our efforts at the G2B™ Page in the “What’s Happening” and “Helpful Information” sections.

Partners and Friends in Better: For Children, Youth, Families and the World

Over the last couple of years I have become great friends and colleagues with two other World Enhancing Initiatives, an amazing non-profit for kids in care and, two impactful professional helpers who are enhancing the lives of so many children, youth, families and communities.

These Partners and Friends are: Life Vest Inside (LVI), See Beautiful™  (SB), VOICES, Dr. Jean Clinton and Dr. Michael Ungar.

Getting to Better™ has dedicated full support for these amazing people, their respective missions and the work they do. Their valued efforts will be a consistent feature on both the MYRIAD and G2B™ sites and within the monthly Newsletter.

The world enhancing events, initiatives and projects of LVI and SB™  will also be posted on the G2B™ “What’s Happening” section.

One such event that will soon be posted; Orly Wahba, founder of LVI, will be appearing on one of the most innovative stages in the world. Thanks to many LVI, SB™ and G2B™ supporters; on-line love and support helped Orly reach TED 2013. Yes, we are proud of Orly! She is on a MISSION for all of us; a Kinder, more Beautiful and Better World.

Getting to Better™ will feature links and the important work of Dr. Jean Clinton and Dr, Michael Ungar. They can be found in the Newsletter and at both the MYRIAD site in the “Resources” section and at Getting to Better™ Page in the “Helpful Information” section.

Getting to Better™  will continue to fully support VOICES, Manitoba’s Youth in Care Network as they work to enhance the child welfare system and the lives of the children and youth who live within that system. An event, soon to be posted on the G2B™ “What’s Happening” section is the 3 part radio series on CKUW 95.9 FM, starting on Jan 15, 2013 at 5 – 6 pm Manitoba time. Check out the G2B™ page for more details.

Something for Everyone: A Leadership Blog

I thought long and hard about the ambitious mission of reaching out to both caregivers and their leaders. However, as stated, if we want children to be BETTER, we need those people who care for them (informally and formally) to be BETTER also.

Therefore, starting on February 1, 2013 there will be a blog written for Leaders who are responsible for leading, supporting and/or caring for those people who occupy formal positions of helping children, youth and their families. The Leadership Blog which will be of interest to most Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers, Directors and Executives in a variety of human service sectors, can be found on the MYRIAD home page.

I am excited to have you along; as G2B ™works tirelessly to support, inform, educate and possibly inspire you and those you care for on your Journey to BETTER!

Looking Forward,
Stephen de Groot