The Story

Ever since I can remember (6 years old) my identical twin brother Dave and I wanted to help. Help with anything. In the simplest terms, we wanted to be happy and, we wanted everybody else to be happy. We were the kids on the playground that were trying to make others smile, laugh or just feel good.  As we grew up we continued to try and listen, make people laugh, help problem solve and do whatever we could to make things better.

We wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

In our teens and adult years, that longing and need to help people feel better, do better and be better was maintained as a consistent value in and through out our lives. Many of our life and career choices were made to carry out this desire. We played and coached in many sports and volunteered our time and energy where and when we could. Dave and I poured ALL of ourselves into our work with people. Dave became a coach, teacher and Principal, touching thousands of young people and their families. I went into social services in an attempt to make a positive difference in the lives of as many children, youth, families and their helpers as possible.

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Dave was and continues to be my greatest inspiration and source of strength. He helped shape the idea of Getting to Better™ and agreed to come on board for the Getting to Better™ ride. Unfortunately, on May 6th, 2010 Dave passed away. For an exceptionally tiny glimpse of Dave see Remembering David: Reflections on a Journey to Better.

When Dave left us, it was like a large part of the sun burnt out. One of the greatest lights and lives was gone. I had a sense come over me that, helping out without Dave with me would become a great burden. This did not change the fact that I still wanted to help out, but now the world just seemed bigger and a little darker.Despite wanting to give up and give in to this massive loss (as I seriously considered) I decided that Dave’s heart and my life must continue with the same kind, gentle, energetic loving and giving spirit. However, without David, I don’t feel as superhuman, as strong – and it is hard to admit that I can’t do this alone. I need help. I need help to help others. Therefore, as the Getting to Better Initiative takes shape and begins to grow the goal continues to be quite simple; make the lives of as many people as possible BETTER.

For a more detailed idea on the Getting to Better™ concept see the first newsletter.