[highlight-yellow]Success is achieved by developing our strengths not by eliminating our weaknesses – Marilyn vos Savant[/highlight-yellow]

If you are a parent, teacher, team member, social worker, youth care worker, foster, parent, team leader, supervisor, coach, manager, doctor, or you operate in any partnership or supportive capacity with other people, YOU ARE A HELPER; you have a responsibility for helping other people to do, be, or function well. You are in a role to support someone else’s growth and development. You are there to HELP them on their Journey to Better.

Foundational to the Getting to Better Initiative is to help as many people and the world overall Get to Better. An important element of this mission is the objective to HELP as many Helpers get to BETTER so that they may be more capable to do what they are already doing; HELPING. This Newsletter was developed to do just that. It is intended to help you help others to BETTER. This article will provide an overview of what I understand and refer to as a strengths approach to helping. As the opening quote states, a strengths focus is the best way to get to BETTER.

The remainder of this article will:

  • Identify what strengths are
  • Discuss the challenges to “seeing” and experiencing strengths
  • Define and describe a strengths approach to helping
  • Provide on overview on the importance of a strengths focus/perspective
  • Emphasize the benefits and positive implications of a strengths approach