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This Month’s Issue:

For Everyone: Reconfiguring G2B Priorities in 2014

Getting to Better™ Kindness Partners and Friends

MYRIAD Update: Look for www.stephendegroot.com – Great things to come!


Reconfiguring G2B Priorities in 2014

Getting to Better has been working to make the lives of as many people as we can BETTER for the last several years. We have worked to provide close to 500 hours per year of volunteer support, services and programs to individuals, families, organizations and communities. By joining forces with Life Vest Inside, See Beautiful and VOICES G2B has been able expand our reach to help others Get to Better.

It is exciting to know that I have a plan to enhance the capacity of MYRIAD and Getting to Better to give more as we move forward through these partner initiatives.  The necessity to reconsider and re-order MYRIAD and G2B priorities for the first half of 2014 is difficult and also an important requirement; especially if we are going to, as my colleagues at Life Vest Inside say, “stay afloat”.

Giving efforts for the next 6 months will be focused on Strengthening and Supporting the efforts of Life Vest Inside, See Beautiful and VOICES to help others Get to Better.

I will continue to provide periodic updates and announcements through the Newsletter mailing list. However, the G2B newsletters and G2B initiatives will be on hold at least until next spring. Some of the other exciting projects reported in the November Newsletter will continue to move forward. They can be found HERE.

The plan to develop the capacity of MYRIAD and Getting to Better will be discussed in the MYRIAD Update section below.


Getting to Better™  – Kindness Partners and Friends

Although G2B initiatives will momentarily be place on hold, the support for our Kindness Partners and Friends will continue.  Read below, to see how you may stay informed and, if you wish, how to get involved.

Life Vest Inside™

As the Chair of the LVI Advisory Board I have increased my involvement in helping build and strengthen this AMAZING Giving Movement. You can check it out HERE.

Please stay in touch and check out the world enhancing initiatives we are working on for 2014.

It is important to note that the best way people can help is by making a tax-deductible donation to LVI HERE.

If you would like to help or get involved in other ways, please do not hesitate to contact me, Stephen de Groot at steve@lifevestinside.com


See Beautiful™

See Beautiful will continue to help helping organizations and groups as they work to make the biggest positive differences in our communities and the world overall. We can all support See Beautiful by checking out their monthly-featured non-profit HERE.

Also, See Beautiful has some great products – I use many of them. Proceeds from product sales are provided to the featured non-profit groups. Every bit helps! You can check out the amazing products HERE.

We can’t forget the BOOK!

Now Available – One of the MOST AMAZING Children’s Books Ever – it is the first book in the Giving Me series, The Listening Me.

Our World Changing Partner and CEO of See Beautiful, Lydia Criss Mays is the author of this “one of a kind” children’s book.

The Listening Me helps children develop the life skill of listening. From rising in the morning, to resting their head on the pillow at night, children are invited to interact with the world as a listener and critical thinker.

Beyond the book itself, there is a beautiful Adult Discussion Guide thoughtfully crafted by yours truly, Stephen de Groot of Getting to Better and a Children’s Activity Guide designed by Orly Wahba of Life Vest Inside.

Sales from this book directly support See Beautiful, Getting to Better and Life Vest Inside.

BUY this Book and MAKE a DIFFERENCE for a CHILD in your life and, help our Charity Groups!

Dr. Jean Clinton

Jean and Steve will continue to work together to offer presentations for formal and informal supports of children and youth. Jean and Steve are also combining talents to develop some training on self-regulation for helpers and leaders. Stay tuned!

Dr. Michael Ungar

Friend and colleague Dr. Michael Ungar continues to work at making the lives of children, youth, families and communities BETTER. Check out one of his latest works from the Nurturing Resilience Blog at Psychology Today.

We are honored that Michael provided his time and expertise on Resilience for the main feature in the December Newsletter. It can be found HERE.

The second half to that interview will be offered in the spring, when G2B initiatives resume.

MYRIAD Update: Look for www.stephendegroot.com -Great Things to Come!

The eventual goal of MYRIAD is to continue to fund Getting to Better Initiatives and eventually offer all supports and services to people in need for free. However, the journey to build fiscal capacity has been challenging and ironically charity work costs money.

Therefore, the focus for MYRIAD has been expanded to include programs and services for For-Profit Corporations. The idea is to offer unique and transformational training and development opportunities – funds raised and proceeds will be used to further MYRIAD and Getting to Better Initiatives.

We are working to consolidate 3 areas of focus – Corporate, Human Services and Giving at a soon-to-be featured brand new home; www.stephendegroot.com

If you are interested in what some of the corporate training and development opportunities will look like, you can have a sneak peek at the first three being offered very soon.

If you are interested in learning more about corporate training and development opportunities, please email steve@stephendegroot.com