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A Great Cause, A Great Effect

Check out how a simple Act of Kindness can Help Us Help You Help More


The Cause & Effect of Kindness

One small act can have unknown and profound consequences; Ordinary acts, with extraordinary effects that can in fact change the world.

– Orly Wahba, Founder of Life Vest Inside™ , at Ted Talks 2013.

This Getting to Better™  Newsletter is dedicated to the most Important Cause any of us can get behind. It is a cause directed at bringing about the greatest Effect; to help you, your children, your family, your community and your world Get to Better!

This Newsletter is about the important Cause and Effect of Kindness.

Is there anything more important than Kindness?  Really. Think about it for a moment…have you ever been Scared? Sick? Alone? Confused? Uncertain? Have you doubted yourself or felt lost or disconnected from who and what is important to you. What helped?  Was it a Kind word, A Kind gesture or some act of KINDNESS?  Of course it was!  We may not label it Kindness, but that’s what it was; Kindness, the unconditional giving of one’s energy, spirit or heart so that others may live better.

KINDNESS is one of those things, hard to define, to explain, but its feeling and impact are inevitably unavoidable and distinguishable; especially when we are in desperate need of it. There are many people right now; maybe it’s you or someone you love, in need of Kindness.

For the last two years, Steve de Groot has been a proud and active Board member with Life Vest Inside. Getting to Better™  has partnered with Kindness Revolutionary Orly Wahba and reached millions of people, helping thousands Get to Better! However, it is not enough! Life Vest Inside™  has BIG plans to make KINDNESS global; to Inspire, Engage, Educate and Unite the World with Kindness.

Sound Fluffy? Check out the Kindness Boomerang Film or the Revolutionary Kindness Education Curriculum, one of the many LVI projects, which has been tested and demonstrated; increasing Kindness in classrooms with teachers and students!

Help Us Help You Help More

One of the hardest things for Helping Organizations to do is ask for Help ourselves; however, we cannot make KINDNESS globally viral on our own.

We need your help to make the Dream and more LVI Kindness Projects a reality! With your HELP we can HELP more children, youth, families and communities Get to BETTER!

How you can HELP:

  1. Check out the AMAZING LVI Crowdfunding Campaign Video Here!
  2. Share the Crowdfunder Video
  3. Share this Newsletter with People you know
  4. Purchase something COOL here, with a donation – ANYTHING helps.

In the words of Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has”.

On Behalf of Getting to Better™ and Life Vest Inside™ I want to personally thank you for doing what you can to help us reach more people through Kindness.
Wishing you and those you love, BETTER.

With Kindness,
Stephen de Groot, CEO of MYRIAD and Founder of Getting to Better